20 Things You Did Not Know About Me










20 Things You Did Not Know About Me

  1. When I was little I made best friendships with guys not with girls that’s why I’ve played football with the same group of guys for about 5 years.
  2.  I paid a bartender to kiss one of my best friends because she was deeply in love with him and pretty shy.
  3. If mustard was a man, I would totally marry him. I love the condiment on almost everything. Obsessed.
  4. I am directionally challenged. I get lost. Constantly. One time my phone ran out of battery and I drove for 3 hours in the wrong direction.
  5. I am currently learning French even if I have studied it for years back in Romania, I must say that I forgot it. Give me one month and I will be back at it. Mais bien sûr!
  6. I didn’t like reading until I was 14 years old. I hated it actually and couldn’t read more than a couple of pages before falling asleep. Now I read a couple of books a month.
  7. If I could have one superpower, I would  choose the power of teleportation. Being able to get to your loved ones in seconds would definitely be the thing! And also travel these days is so stressful. Beam me up, Scotty!
  8. One of my favorite movies is La vita e bella. I have seen it far too many times. Life is beautiful indeed, folks.
  9. I love kids and I have been working in a kindergarten for almost 1 year teaching English and Computer Skills in Romania.
  10. I have only a hand-full of close friends but I do know a lot of people. I always ask myself how many of the people I know would come at my funeral if I die tomorrow. And yeah, I do have thoughts like this because I am not afraid to die. Death is not tabu for me and I think about it often as being a part of this life of mine.
  11. I belong here – yes, you read it right. I belong in this country. My heart was always yearning for these people, these feelings, this culture.
  12. I don’t like to play it safe – I took risks and I still take them and this is where I am because of it, living my dream.
  13. My romanian last name “Mitu” or as we write it back home “Mîțu” means cat. Yeah, I am a little cat! Meow!
  14. I have been fired twice in my life and I have cried like it was the end of the world. Oh, but those experiences led me to much better opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise.
  15. I have always dreamt to have my successful business by the time I will be 30. I am dreaming and working on that so time, please, be patient. I also believe in philanthropy, and I think being a businessperson is a phenomenal way to give back to the world. I don’t want to have to have. I want to have to give.
  16. I still do dumb things with my money. Every day. I have a hard time saving money but if I tell you that I have over 40 pairs of shoes would that make more sense?
  17. Writing is my first hobby. When I was in highschool I used to think that I will make a living out of it.
  18. I have been broken – many times. Now, I am not a happy but a grateful person. I have a respect for life that I did not have before and I think I am who I am because of the things I have been through.
  19. I have learned not to trust most people.
  20. I notice when people are rude or dishonor other people. I usually don’t say anything but I notice.


♥ Cristina

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Cristina Mitu

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    1. Jannely Espinal 17th June 2016 at 1:07 pm -

      Love it and identify with some of these. I also learned not to trust most people at my age of 27. Keep being beautiful!

    2. Le professeur de français 16th June 2016 at 3:35 pm -

      Je dois vous aider à apprendre le français, mon élève. Bisoux ❤️


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