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I have always been attracted to big cities. They are crowded, competitive, challenging. In other words, they are exactly where 20-somethings like me should live. 

What actually fascinates me is the feeling of anonymity that a foreign city gives you; being surrounded by hundreds of people who are going in a hundred different directions, each of them carrying his own story. I think that’s fantastic! You get exposed to so many beautiful people and meet so many cultures. You will find a lot of open eyes among them and that will influence your eyes to open.

I grew up in a small city till the age of 18 and if you go from a small city to a big city, you see huge differences. Cities feel different… Whatever “big city” you pick, you will realize after one week that people are less compassionate to your issues and more concerned with their own. That’s ok, it will help you grow and mature. 

Big cities keep you alive! The minute you walk out the door each morning, you go. You blow past the crowds to make the bus before the door closes, you take shortcuts to avoid a wave of oncoming traffic and hustle in the office because, well, everyone else moves fast too. 

In a big city, you learn to sacrifice. In exchange, you receive the perks of a metropolis: a wealth of culture, food, entertainment and the fervent energy that breathes life into everything — even on a Wednesday at 3 am.

Today I am going to show you a few pictures I took in a city very close to Miami called Coral Gables. It is not that type of big city but it’s forever in my heart. There I found those kind of open eyes I was telling you about earlier. So trust me, there are still cool people out there. What a time to be alive…

♥ Cristina

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Cristina Mitu

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