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#1 Year since it’s Miami O’clock

It feels like yesterday… It’s September, but it’s Miami so it’s hot as hell. I am carefully placing my 4 outfits in the back seat of my rental car and I am heading to Coral Gables to meet Geny. I found her on Instagram and she seems to have very good skills in photography so after having a long conversation on Skype we decided to give it a try and start my little but strong passion. It’s Miami O’clock in the Gables! Me and Geny are sweating like pigs and sip cold Coca-Cola. I don’t know why was I wearing a hat and boots but that’s another story.

This time last year I was shooting my first 4 outfits and I was telling you guys all about self-confidence, courage, new beginnings and positivity. One reason why I am so much into social media is that I can go back in time and travel among memories and feelings I have had in the past. I can go on-line and date my old self. I can look her in the eyes, I can admire her and tell her how much I miss her. I don’t know if you ever look at pictures of yourself wishing to go back in time not because you want to look that way or you want to be in those particular places but because you want to feel some things again or you just want to be that happy person you used to be and now you just see in the pictures.

It’s been one year since we first met here and I must say that it has been one of the hardest years of my life. Many times you have felt it here with me, a lot of times I have just dissapeared and came back when less expected. If there is something I regret about this year concerning the blog, it’s that I wish I was more present. I wish I would have expressed myself more and I wish I would have posted more versions of myself that I could have dated later.

It’s been a hell of a year!!!!! But I did not forget to look at the bright side of the story so if I should make a retrospective of this year I would say that I am thankful that I got to travel this beautiful country and I had the chance to meet some great people. I have cried my heart out but I have also experienced feelings that I would give the world for. I have hosted one  fashion event in South Beach at Craft Social Club, I worked with a few brands, I got featured in Thought Catalog, I have attended New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week, I have shoot with some amazing photographers and I learned to always ask more from myself.If I should describe this year in one word I would say DEVASTATED. But such a beautiful devastation… And even if at times I thought I’ll never make it, I am starting to have a feeling that my way to greatness has just started.

I would like to take a moment and give a big thanks to all of the people who have been by my side and helped me this whole time. I should give names because the list is very short but I’d rather keep them in my heart. They all know better… Thanks to every person who took their time to click Miami O’Clock this whole year. Thank you to you,  you and you! Yes, you the one reading this right now!

For this one year anniversary I have decided to give up on pictures and I have worked on this video while I was in Los Angeles. Thank you, Derek for feeling with me! You are the best!
Happy one year anniversary, Miami O’clock! You are my little baby and I love you so much! I know you can do better. Always.

Directed by: Derek Pike

Love, Cristina ♥

Cristina Mitu

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