#Beyonce Is Making Me Feel Like My Man Is Cheating

This is the first thought that comes into every woman’s mind after watching Lemonade with their hearts bent. I see women pointing fingers at other women, blaming and asking themselves or other people how could she do this? Doesn’t she has any respect?

I have cheated and I have been cheated until this point in my life so I can say that I have been on both sides of the road.If I dig a little in my past, I realize that the longest and most passionate relationship I ever had started as an affair.

Most of the time, being the other woman is not a choice that you make. You could have had no idea about the fact that there is someone waiting for this dude to come home or you could have found out later when it was already too late to step back. Last but not least you knew everything from the beginning but you see how you always get drawn into a web of deceit and passion that completely blurs your mind.

They say all good things come to an end and when it does, it always has to end bad. Remember, even sneaky little rats get caught no matter how lithe and fast they are and when that happens, whether you like it or not, there won’t be too many fingers pointing at him, most of them will gleam like daggers in your direction.

Why not? You are the bitch, aren’t you? Why would a happy man with a wife or a girlfriend want to walk out of his family and be with you?

You are the scandalous home wrecker and you probably do this to all men. You come and ruin their lives. It must have been you the one with the short skirt and wide neckline who tricked and deceived him into this. Everyone will say the same thing. And probably so will the lover.

Let’s face it, ladies! There is no such thing as a home wrecker or the woman who comes and breaks your bubble of happiness because if there is a third party that can enter the relationship, then your relationship is weak, unstable and you just need someone to put the blame on. Regardless of whether or not someone like Charlize Theron or the gorgeous girl you saw around him sometimes have bad intentions with your boyfriend, a successful and strong relationship will thrive and remain untouched.

I understand that another woman disrespecting your position as girlfriend can be painful and I am not saying this is okay. However, it’s ultimately about your relationship and the man you are in a relationship with. It’s his decision to value and respect you and your relationship. As soon as you call another woman a home-wrecker, not only is this not classy, it completely strips you of your power as a woman. If you put the blame on a third party for something that is your own responsibility – your relationship, your man falling out of love – then all hope is gone.

#Oh, nothing real can be threatened
If you choose to see other people as a threat then you cannot do anything about yourself and you will always end up in disappointment. Imagine how would it feel constantly fearing that someone is going to rob you. Thinking that anytime someone could break into your house and take what’s yours. You may not actively worry about someone stealing your man, but if underneath you have the idea that she is the problem, she is the threat, then your whole world is going to be unbalanced.

Being the other woman has less to do with being a home wrecker and more to do with being the one he doesn’t find at home anymore…And finally talking about the boy who surprisingly stayed out of the picture until now even though he is the one who…

#Ten times out of nine, I know you’re lying
But nine times outta ten, I know you’re trying

To be continued





Cristina Mitu

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