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I remember dating a guy a few years ago and one night while having dinner, we were talking about aspirations and plans for the future, about careers. Among other things that I was dreaming about back in the days, like getting to see the United States of America one day, traveling this world and healing my soul, I told him about this girl who I was admiring a lot because she had a great sense of fashion and she traveled a lot with her blog writing her experiences. He looked at me with strange big eyes asking me:”A blogger? What kind of job is that? I would never date a girl who is just a blogger.” I found it very offensive even though by that time I wasn’t even blogging anymore. I am telling you this story because recently I had the chance to talk again with this guy as he wanted to know how life is on the other side of the ocean and because he had no idea about me blogging again I took the chance and asked him: “Hey, do you remember that girl I used to admire because of her blog? Guess what? She’s super famous now, working with the biggest brands in the industry, making tons of money, would you date her now?” Well, of course you might have already guessed the answer!

All I want to tell everybody is this: if you come across my Instagram or my blog, starting to judge me or what I do, please block yourself out right now! If you think that now I’m just taking some pictures around my neighborhood but if I would be wearing a nice Chanel dress being photographed by the best and getting paid for it, you would call it art and make it a statement, a fashion icon. What if I told you that those money rainning all over that vintage car are actually real and I did not print them out? What if I told you that I got paid four grand to make these shots and I just had fun with the money because that’s how I roll. Would you like my work better just because it smells like money and that makes your heart beat faster?

The funny thing is that social media is like playing lottery in Vegas. You can wake up today being a lousy blogger trying to step out of the crowd, and the next morning someone might like your style or that single good shot you’ve managed to take can get you all the way up with THE TEAM. Just like the roulette… you have to play, risk and give it a lot of tries until the wheel throws the ball on your lucky number. That is one of the reasons why I never posted quantity over quality trying to reach out to brands with desperation. I am here to do what I want, when I want and how I want it. This is who I am when I feel creative and I will keep being myself until that one good day comes when all of the work is going to be paid off. It might never come but I have no time for people who say “Oh, but it’s just a picture, I can do that too”, “I can write that too”, ” I can dress nice too and smile to the camera.” Well, why don’t you fucking do it? Why don’t you come out with me in 95 degrees or in the cold or in the rain? Why don’t you try for hours to get a good shoot? Why don’t you risk being hit by a car or being robbed? Why don’t you cry with me when there is no inspiration or when there is too much that I have to hold back because you know…people like you judge a lot? Why don’t you pay money to get good work done? Yeah, you heard it right: I do pay money for some of my good shoots without expecting anything in return. I do it for me and for my heart. So please, don’t come in here clicking and clicking, then talking and talking. If there is something that you don’t like or that you might find offensive, just tell me. I can have a friendly conversation with anybody who took their time to visit my blog or my instagram, I can share my ideas and the things I believe in with you. But do not judge or offend my work! You can criticize me all you want as long as it helps me grow, but don’t you dare make fun of who I am and what I do for my passion because that I will not tolerate for sure. I promise!

P.S.: And no, I do not have a face of a Madonna as I often find myself so imperfect and my heart… my heart is made of everything but dollar bills.

♥ Cristina

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA

Photo Credits: @Kulturekick

Cristina Mitu

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  • I’ll pay for your work!! Those pictures are badass. They deserve all the dollar bills! I love this article and the way you wrote it. I feel the same way at times. You are so inspiring to the blogging community and fashion industry. Slay girl!

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    1. Jannely 30th August 2016 at 3:32 am -

      I’ll pay for your work!! Those pictures are badass. They deserve all the dollar bills! I love this article and the way you wrote it. I feel the same way at times. You are so inspiring to the blogging community and fashion industry. Slay girl!

    2. Chris 28th August 2016 at 8:39 pm -

      Nice words!succes pe mai departe 😉

    3. Kat 28th August 2016 at 12:19 am -

      What a great post love! Blogging can be ducha a whirlwind and you just described it perfectly! Youre going to be in too of the game just like the blogger you admired, i can feel it!

      Kat | http://www.DeliriumStyle.com


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