He better call Becky with the good hair

Curly, long, short, blonde or brunette it doesn’t even matter because Becky is a great girl who loves blow jobs. ( the name Becky comes from white women’s supposed love for blowjobs )

Becky is the girl you wouldn’t even wish on your worst enemy. Girls say her name with contempt, and her attitude is so natural that one look in her direction would send a group of women into whispers.

As much as you’d like to imagine that Becky is the slutty, promiscuous woman with coquettish bedroom eyes that always gets your attention or your boyfriend – she isn’t. She’s the girl who looks down when you stare at her for a little too long, and turns away if you catch her looking. She’s the girl whose hair is not actually so good and sometimes gets a little knotted. She’s the girl who’s unlike the rest. The one who drinks tea and reads novels in little obscure café. She’s a great listener. Any problems you two may have will be unsolicitedly given into her to analyse. At first, she will be your secret best friend. She will fix your relationship until she will break it with her own hands.

She has heard the words, “I’ve never told anyone that before”,”You have my heart” “I love you” a million times and more. Your man will tell her everything about his life and she will genuinely listen. She will not interupt unless necessary.

His friendly eyes will suddenly dilate with excitment as he looks at her like a breath of fresh air. He will talk to her everyday, he will start to care, he will fall in love. By this point, he won’t be able to stay away from her anymore and you would have heard her name peppered in a few of your conversations. He will also lie a lot and play better than a Hollywood actor. Somebody give that boy an Oscar. You’re starting to be concerned of her existence. She’s there and now you know!

“I’m just here with the boys” he always tells you when you’re calling. “No, no she is not here. I swear I haven’t spoken to her ever since.” You tell him to stay away  for the thousandth time. You’re jealous. He swears he doesn’t love her and could get into fire that he never ever touched her. You’re starting to hate her even though she has done nothing but become an ear and a shoulder to lean on for a man who has some kind of  God complex. Little did you know that she had glued the broken pieces of his heart plenty of times before. Even when he whispered full of guilt about how you have turned yourself into a responsability he now has to keep up with. He pays for your bills but showers Becky with compliments. “You are so beautiful. Come lay next to me I want to feel you fall asleep.”

Although a girl with fishnet stockings and a short dress can easily turn your man on – it’s not that what he wants. He wants to go to places he never went to and feel things he never felt before.

When you’re not looking or when he’s there alone, he travels back in time, along memories and every night he dreams about resting his hands on her thigh and kissing her forhead one more time…

Immortality… The girl he will always think about. The one who got into his heart and head. Way before she let him in her bed.

Footnote: I like Beyonce a lot and #Lemonade is definitely one of her best albums but bullying other women is never cool. Hey Bey, I thought Flawless was real talk… 






Photo Credits: GenStreestyle

Cristina Mitu

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  • Ador cum fiecare postare a ta este o experienta in sine, iar cuvintele se ridica peste calitatea pozelor (care e cam greu de depasit)…just like B’s visual albums 🙂

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    1. Oana 10th May 2016 at 7:52 am -

      Ador cum fiecare postare a ta este o experienta in sine, iar cuvintele se ridica peste calitatea pozelor (care e cam greu de depasit)…just like B’s visual albums 🙂


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