Things I will Tell my Daughter

35 Things I Will Tell My Daughter

I close my eyes and I imagine you having my eyes and your father’s hands. My smile and his attitude. My wisdom and his intelligence. As you grow older I want you to fly out like a free bird. Go always forth and pursue all your dreams even if they seem impossible at first. Then they seem improbable but when you summon the will, you will see that they become inevitable.

I will try and respect the fact that the decisions you will make are your own but you must understand that you will always be my little girl and I have to make sure that you take from me at least a few things that I have learned along the way…

So please…

  1. Shower twice a day.
  2. Read. A lot. As much as you can. No matter what genre.
  3. Go to school. Choose one job that you love and do it well. No matter what you do, do it right. Do it exceptionally! Doctor, lawyer, cashier, cleaning lady, no matter what you are, be a good one. You can even strip for a living but make sure that you will bend over so good that you will change lives.
  4. You have to know how to earn your money. Don’t ask from someone. Don’t dream about a dress you saw at the mall last week and wait for your man to buy it for you. There will come a time when your man won’t have money and you will have to help.
  5. Love yourself with all your heart and soul.
  6. Tell me everything.
  7. No one has the right to touch you without your permission. Regardless if you are dating them or married to them. They need your consent first.
  8. No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you think you are, how you treat people ultimately tells everything about you. There is no difference between the janitor and the boss.
  9. We will have the sex talk. Multiple times. And it will be in the car, with the doors locked so you cannot run away. Don’t be embarrassed! Safe sex is always the best sex.
  10. The number of people you sleep with is not a reflection on your integrity.
  11. You are beautiful. You’ll doubt this, and perhaps never believe it. It’ll be a goal of mine to ensure that you see this, believe it, and live it from an early age. You’ll be a mix between a guy who knows a lot about life and a girl who is some kind of crazy beautiful. You can’t lose.
  12. Everyone has flaws. No one is perfect. Even your parents. Which is why you will go to your father to learn how to drive and I will teach you how to match your outfits.
  13. Don’t chase. Be chased. Someone who needs to be chased isn’t worth your time. You cannot force someone to love you and the good guys will put in the time.
  14. Keep a few close friends, be generous, tip your bartender.
  15. Family is not defined by who is related to you. It is the people who were there for you when you needed, loved and cared for you unconditionally.
  16. Go out and have fun. Make me worry. Make me angry. Make your father lock me in the house to stop me from going out and looking for you. But please come back home with a smile on your face and an amazing story. Just be safe! Buy a pepper spray and don’t be scared to throw a punch like I taught you.
  17. You will have days when you want it all to stop. You will cry and be depressed. Your heart will be broken. But that does not mean you are broken beyond repair. On days like these, drink a cup of tea and curl up in your bed. We cannot always be strong. Sometimes, we must give in. Remember, everything will look better in the morning.
  18. When men call out lewd comments on the street, keep your head up and look forward. Do not let them hurt you, do not let them intimidate you. They want a taste of you? They better learn how to swallow a burning flame.
  19. It’s okay to cry. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It shows that you’re human.
  20. When the guy you love breaks your heart, move on. It’s not the end of the world.
  21. Don’t believe stereotypes. Get to know people personally instead of judging them.
  22. Buy your friends dinner every now and then.
  23. Practice the art of listening.
  24. Always make time for your friends and family.
  25. Eat well, sleep well, plan well.
  26. There is no shame in hoping for love.
  27. Listen to classical music occasionally.
  28. Travel.Once a year go somewhere you’ve never been before. You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.
  29. Don’t beat yourself over mistakes you have done no matter how awful they are. You are not perfect and that’s okay.
  30. There is a certain kind of man you need to avoid at all costs. You’ll know it when you meet him.
  31. It’s okay  to be in love with guys and it’s okay to be in love with girls if you feel so. I am not here to judge you. Love is love.
  32. I am proud of you.
  33. Take hot baths but do not use bath salts.
  34. If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.
  35. A lot of times, beautiful has nothing to do with the way you look. Be kind!

My dear daughter, I am not sure if you will ever have the chance to come into this world. I don’t even know if I will ever be ready to have my heart go walking outside my body… And you don’t know but nowadays true love is very hard to stumble upon,

But if you ever come… I want you to know that I will love you no matter what..

♥ Cristina

Things I will Tell my Daughter



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