It’s Miami O’clock!

 There are many reasons to love the Sunshine State but the first things that come to everybody’s mind when they are thinking about Miami are of course palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air and endless summer. Just because I have been around for a while and I got to know this city well enough, I have decided to point out some things I noticed and I really love about Miami. And by the way this is not one of those stories that tries to convince you that Miami, a.k.a The Dreamland is the  best place on Earth. It’s just a small reminder about how amazing this place could be. The city of Miami is charming, likable and there are lots of easy-going places to spend fun days. You can walk everywhere – it’s pretty to look at – and so are the people.

The only problem: Miami Beach comprises just a small part of what makes the Miami-Dade metropolis interesting.

It’s a city that drips intrigue. It’s wild, weird, dark and sexy, sometimes all at once. Isn’t it time you got to know it a little better?

I am pretty sure that you did not know that Miami is the major American city founded by a woman. How cool is that? In 1875, Julia Tuttle first laid eyes on Miami when her father moved into the area as a homesteader. Tuttle decided to move to Miami herself and bought hundreds of acres of land. Miami officially became a destination when she convinced multi-milionaire Henry M. Flagler to extend his east coast railroad line to the area. Tuttle believed that Miami area had the potential to become a great city that would act as a trade center between North America and South America. And she was right.

There is so much to love about this magic city…No, it is not just a listing of the average temperatures in January and February. Trust me, there’s a hell of a lot more to love about this place.

Truth is there are few places where the American Dream shines more brightly. People literally risk everything they have, including their lives, to escape oppressive governments and other treacherous plights to come here and make a better life for themselves and their families. Not only that, but most of them succeed.

As long as it’s legal and consensual people here won’t judge you for what you like to do in your bedroom. Yeah, open-minded like that!

The guy who dances to oldies coming out of his beat up boombox in his platform shoes on Lincoln Road is the hardest working man in show business; I don’t care what anyone says.

At this point, Cuban food in Miami is more authentic than the Cuban food in Cuba. Oh, and that Cuban coffee, man – more addictive and amazing than any drug…

Most of the racist white folks moved away years ago. Yeeeey! Let’s fill our lives with sympathy and tolerance.

Clubs and bars in Miami are open later than pretty much anywhere else, and even if you don’t stay out til 5 a.m., it’s nice to know you won’t be hassled home until you’re good and ready.

Dressing for the cold means wearing a hoody with your flip flops.

Scarface still comes across as more authentic than all the reality shows shot here combined. Believe it or not Miami still has that Scarface vibe even now after so many years. “The eyes chico, they never lie”

The old joke is that “the best thing about Miami is how close it is to the United States.” Miami is a latin city. For those of us who don’t already speak it, life here is like a Spanish lesson. Everybody knows and speaks Spanish and there are days when I feel more like living in South America. “Si, senior, claro que si” :))

Want to know the truth? The Will Smith – Miami video is kind of accurate.  There are Brazilian models on the streets and every day is like a summer party, the sun shines, people are just happy.

Sometimes you get surrounded by so much ridiculousness that your baseline for what is low key gets completely screwed. This is Miami as well. People are weird but you must love their weirdness.

On days where the homesickness is so great, I play different scenarios in my mind like going back and living again in the beautiful Bucharest surrounded by friends and family. But instead of missing the cool things about your old city, take in what is awesome about your new one. And I love Miami with all my heart… I just love it!

Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami!

♥ Cristina

palm trees and skyline in miami
palm trees and skyline in miami




Many ships ready to leave in the Miami Port



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