Quit Your Job and Let’s Go to New York

On the east coast of the United States there is this magic place called New York City…oh, you’ve heard of it, have you? I romanticized all my life about being in the big city on my own, crying in my tiny NYC apartment. I know it’s still a dream for now but who would have thought two years ago that I will end up breaking hearts over here? Trust me, not even me…

They say be careful what you wish for because you just might get it so I learned to live my life without planning things. This way I won’t even know when I wake up in New York in a small kitchen wiping off my tears wondering is this what I dreamed about all my life?

But until then… Quit your job and let’s go to New York!

One month ago, with two suitcases and a small heart, I flew over the country. It’s half past seven and it’s winter in the Big Apple. I take the yellow cab because I am heading to the center and my chinese driver can barely speak English. Somehow that makes me happy because I needed some quit moments with this guy out here. ‘Cause dude, I fell in love! His name is New York!

In front of the hotel there is a group of five girls hanging out. They’re loud, short, and say “like” a lot, however, on this frosty evening they’re not discussing clothes or nail polish – they’re talking about what they love about New York City. I hear them and it hits me! Naturally they gush about the shopping, the energy, and the fact there are celebrities, like, everywhere. Yet some are surprisingly more insightful, so much so that it has me thinking of my own love affair with NYC.

If your goal was to design a city for the soul purpose of blowing someone’s head off and leave them shell shocked from too much cool shit to see and do, you might as well just copy New York City.


“So I went to New York City to be born again.”


“It is often said that New York is a city for only the very rich and the very poor. It is less often said that New York is also, at least for those of us who came there from somewhere else, a city for only the very young. “


“Give me such shows — give me the streets of Manhattan!” 





“I look out the window and I see the lights and the skyline and the people on the street rushing around looking for action, love, and the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookie, and my heart does a little dance.”




Carrie Bradshaw once said, “If…you only get one great love, New York may just be mine.” And this girl over here completely agrees.


The other thing I really love about this crazy city is that you can dress like a schlub and get along just fine in NYC. You will still get served and the restaurants will happily take your credit card. Sure, you won’t get into that club in the Meatpacking District but you can still hang around out front, and if you wear a Nikon around your neck can even pretend you’re a paparazzi waiting for the next inevitable Chris Brown or Kanye West meltdown. However, spend enough time here and you’ll find yourself dressing better. It’s because fashion is everywhere.


If the night is still vey young, and while ordinary New Yorkers rush to Grand Central to catch the train, you decide to walk arm-in-arm down 42nd street and stop every 10 feet to grab yet another pic of the Chrysler building, expect some “feedback.”

There’s a place for you to stand around and take pictures where no one will bother you. It’s called Times Square. Not surprisingly, most New Yorkers avoid it like Fenway Park.

Times Square New York Miami O'clock

There is so much more to say about it but you must just come and see it with your own eyes. Everything turned my world upside down…cause that’s what New York does. You arrive not really knowing who you are, or afraid to accept it, and the city opens its arms and offers you all these bizarre and wonderful things to explore.

What you don’t realize, at least not at the time, is that what’s really being offered is freedom — freedom to explore every crowded, narrow street and trash-covered alleyway of your complicated soul; freedom to discover who you are, and who you really want to be.

That way, when you leave, you can be you, the real you — the New York you — wherever you may be.

♥ Cristina


Photo Credits: Perfect Fotki

  • *some of the pictures were taken with my iPhone

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