You easy, Big Easy

On August 30, 2005 people in New Orleans woke up to a city that was almost impossible to recognize. What we would call until the day before the land of music and big artists, outside now homes were floating and people were dying. Hurricane Katrina had shattered Louisiana without any mercy and New Orleans was one of the cities hardest hit by the storm.

This was 11 years ago.

Fast forward to today New Orleans, you can almost not believe how amazing this city has picked himself up and how people worked their way out of one of the biggest natural disasters in America. If you ever get here, you will feel that these people have been through a lot together and they are more concerned about the ones next to them than they are about themselves.

New Orleans, New Orleans. Oh you, easy, Big Easy! I have heard people talk so nicely about you but I never imagined you could be so beautiful and unique…

I have to take back the promises and all the love I have declared to any other city in this world and give it all to this one right here. Don’t ask me why… There isn’t enough time and there are not enough words for me to say it all.

By the way… I did not know that American Airlines have that time machine and you can actually buy a ticket that gets you to this not-so-american little piece of heaven.  As soon as I walked down the street in New Orleans, a cold shiver froze my spine, thinking somebody sent me back to Europe without even me knowing it. I will tell you why I felt like this in the next blog posts…

Stay close, folks!

♥ Cristina



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Cristina Mitu

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